Wednesday, May 30, 2012

back track

I'm using this week to back track to some stories I forgot to share.  Cinco de Mayo was quite an eventful day.  It was my mama's graduation day!  She went back to school and that smart pants finally finished.  Besides being so proud of her I am also so grateful that my sweet baby boy will have his grandma there to watch him everyday instead of having to send him off to daycare!!  Yay!!!!  Anyway, just as we were preparing to get ready so that we could leave for my mom's graduation, DJ came into the living room and said that he wasn't sure what was going on but that he thought he heard our neighbor say to call 911.  I heard the dogs barking like crazy and ran out to grab them and walked right up to the fence along the side of our house and was faced with my neighbors garage (that backs up to our side fence) engulfed in flames!  It was incredibly scary.  DJ ran to help our neighbors while I called 911 and he came back to tell me that I needed to grab the dogs and leave because both of the neighbors cars were in the garage and they had full tanks of gas.  I grabbed the babies and drove the 4 houses down to my best friends house and screamed for her sister.  There is one way in and one way out of our subdivision and there was no way in or out with all of emergency vehicles and fire trucks.  DJ called and asked me what I would want him to grab because he needed to evacuate since our tree had now caught on fire.  I couldn't even think.  He said he would grab our wedding rings and our wedding album. 

Thankfully after a few hours the fire department had stopped the fire.  Our poor neighbors lost their entire garage and everything in it, including two of their cars.  There was no damage to our  home luckily.  The tree needs to be cut down but my husband is truthfully thrilled about that.  A few rooms smelled like smoke but we were able to get the smell out with a little Febreeze and opening the windows up again.  My neighbors however are staying in a hotel and found out that the amount of smoke and water damage to their home will keep them out for nearly a month.  I feel overwhelmingly sorry for them.  It could not have happened to sweeter people.  She lost her wedding dress among many other sentimental items.  It just happened so fast.

Needless-to-say we were late to my mother's graduation.  We missed the beginning but luckily we made it in time to see my mom walk.  Oh, that lovely lady, she's amazing! 

After our wild start to the day and my mama graduating, the family and I all went out to eat and stuffed our faces with bread, salad, pasta and pizza.  After dinner DJ and I went home to finally take care of what we could and reflect on how lucky we were that day and how much worse everything could have been.  All those "what ifs" that come up really make you realize how much worse an already bad situation could have been.  The fact that in the moment we couldn't think of what to grab with the threat of our home burning down and the fact that we could have lost everything.  It's eye opening and had made us start to put together a plan in the event that this was something we were ever faced with again.  Especially now that we will have a baby to consider.  It's funny how these events can change you, shape you and make you see what is really important to you.


Anonymous said...

This was a very big day!!! I am so happy and blessed you were all ok, and that you were there to share in my accomplishment!! I love you both!! xoxo

Kristine. said...

Oh my goodness, how scary! How horrible for your neighbors. :( But I'm glad you are okay. And congrats to your momma!! Good to see Sandy, too. I remember we all used to have so much fun. xoxo <3

Laura said...

Love you!

Laura said...

I am so proud of my mama! And I miss the old days when Sandy (and you) lived so much closer! xoxx