Thursday, May 31, 2012


I talked about my grandmother passing away last month but I have yet to share a few details of our trip there.  DJ and I road tripped our way down to Kingsport, Tennessee where my grandma lived and my Aunt Vickie and her husband Dennis still live.  Even though it was not for the best of reasons, I really do love a long road trip for the most part.  I love to sing along to songs, eat on the road and see new things along the drive.  DJ and I played two games on the way down and on the way back up.  The first was counting how many state license plates we could find and the second was guessing which artist we would hear more songs from.  We saw 28 states and the winning artist was Led Zeppelin on the radio which neither of us guessed.

Once we got to Kingsport it was extremely late and we stayed down the street from my aunt and uncle at a hotel because they have cats and poor husband is deathly allergic.  We got settled and I fell asleep almost immediately after a shower and a few episodes of Friends.  The next morning we slowly got up and drove down to visit with my aunt and uncle.  My uncle and DJ talked about cars and my Aunt Vickie shared stories with me about my grandma.  We then headed to get something to eat. (steak, because the entire way down we were searching for a decent place to find a steak that didn't have an hour wait)  After lunch I was feeling a little crummy so we parted ways and went to take a nap before the funeral.  DJ wanted to stop at Bristol Speedway before my nap so we drove a little ways to check it out.  There was no one in sight and we got to do a little exploring which was fun. 

Later that night was the funeral and then the next day was the grave service.  After the service we were heading right back to Michigan.  It was a short trip but so nice to see my family.  My aunt and uncle sent us home with delicious marmalade, some moon shine, a rose bush and a few bags of old photos as well.    We drove home through the mountains and it was absolutely beautiful.  Pictures do no justice to how stunning the sights are.  I really love Tennessee.  I can't wait to go back.

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