Friday, May 25, 2012

made for baby

It's Friday and I am so ready for this weekend.  I mean rea-dy.  I have to work for a few hours on Saturday but after that I'm free.  Free at last.  It has been the longest week in history.  I didn't even work on Tuesday but I feel like I've worked 17 days in a row.

DJ and I are having a garage sale this weekend.  (Come buy some of our crap, ha)  Having a baby means that there will be one more man taking up my closet space in this house.  I hope I haven't made any rushed decisions based on pregnancy hormones and end up regretting giving up some of my clothes and shoes but space must be made for my little one.

Please tell me how cute DJ's first pair of hockey skates are??  Obviously these will be our little man's now.  My father-in-law dug them out the day that DJ told him that we were having a baby.  I mean, come on, and let's all just say, "Awwww" together.

Happy weekending home slices.  Stop by our garage sale Saturday and Sunday and if you have no plans for the holiday come play with us at Gallup Park on Monday.  The babies will be so happy to have more friends to hang out in the sun with.  Plus Bella has fine tuned her frisbee skills and can't wait to show off.

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