Thursday, May 24, 2012

thoughts on having a boy

It sure changes everything to find out what sex the sweet baby inside of you is.  I now have a son.  I will be the mother to a boy that will grow to be a man one day and hopefully get married and have babies of his own.  I feel a responsibility to make sure that he knows to treat the women in his life with care and love.  I want him to be the kind of man my husband is to me, his father.  That father that will teach him to ice skate and to treat his mother with respect, among many other things.

I am thrilled that we are having a boy.  I could see instantly how happy my husband was to hear he was having a son.  He is passing down his last name, planning to teach him so many things, get him the best of everything and be the best kind of dad.  He has so many ideas for the nursery and Halloween.  It makes my heart swell with joy and love.  It assures me that I have married the best man.  He is going to be the best father for my son.  I am so in love.

I also know that when we have more children they will have an older brother to do all the protecting.  Whether we have boys or girls after this I know that besides my husband and I they will have the watchful eye of an older brother when DJ and I can't be there. 
I must say that I thought DJ and I would end up with a girl. My mother and I didn't exactly share the same bond that we do now. I'm sure she blames her gray hairs on me. And DJ, well let's just say he was some what of a ladies man. It just seemed fitting that the man that now feels enraged to see young girls in Victoria's Secret would end up with a beautiful daughter.

There are so many reasons to be happy and thankful.  I know I am experiencing what many can't or haven't felt and that fact is not lost on me.  I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

I earned every gray hair with love for my beautiful daughter. You have grown to be the woman/mother/wife I always dreamed you would be, but you will always be my little girl, I love you bunches, Mama xoxo