Tuesday, May 22, 2012

weekend inventory

The weekend was great.  Nice weather just as promised.  Saturday was spent with friends celebrating wedding showers and graduations and Sunday was a family day for the Bloomingburgs.

Meg, Leigh and I chatting on the Penn patio.  I had to tie my hair in a knot moments later because of the hot hot heat.

The most beautiful bride Kady / All the hockey mamas at Catie's graduation party

Babies love family day.

Gallup Park in Ann Arbor was the perfect place to spend the day with my little growing family.

Sunday was the best part of the weekend.  I woke up to the strongest baby kick yet.  I looked down and as Baby Bloom kicked a second time I saw my stomach move!  I told DJ to wake up and give me his hand.  Of course nothing happened.  I waited in bed to feel it again and kept a sharp eye on my stomach.  There is was again.  I yelled for DJ to come back to bed.  We waited again...nothing.  UGH!

After our amazing day at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor we splurged and ate some yummy pizza.  I layed down on the couch to digest my overload of carbs and there it was again.  That extra strong kick.  I yelled for DJ and once again that was the end of the kicks.  Later on that night I layed in bed rubbing myself down with lotion and I could feel the soft rumblings of Baby Bloom.  I texted DJ this time so that I wouldn't startle baby and he came in quietly to lay his hand on my stomach and finally feel his son move.  There it was.  Baby Bloom isn't messing around now either.  Even since Sunday that little man is making it known that he is strong and getting bigger.  I can feel that little love all day long now.  He likes when I'm laying down mostly.  Obviously I'm happy to oblige.

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