Friday, May 18, 2012


Every since finding out DJ and I were having a baby I have gone on a full blown panic about things around the house.  I want EVERYTHING to be complete.  I mean we moved in nearly a year ago and somebody has yet to get everything I want hung on the walls.  At this point though, I want it all. 

The interior is just the half of it though. When we moved in to our house last year the back yard was covered in gross overgrowth from Hines Drive, a woodsy area behind our house.  It took a lot of long nights after work last year to chop it all back.  I mean, we found things back there that just should not have been back there.  Once we got it all chopped back our backyard was double in size.  That was last years project.  This year however I want a total overhaul.  I mean tear it out, tear it up and do it the way I really want it.  I even threatened to pay someone to come over and do it! Gasp!  Thankfully the planning process has begun.  Planning can at least ease my thoughts.  Hopefully my landscaping will resemble these beauties real soon.

Check my Pinterest board out here!

We have plans to work on the yard a bit this weekend, but I'm mostly excited to spend time with my friends at one of my most gorgeous friend's bridal shower and soak up some of the sunshine they are calling for.  I am so pale my father-in-law even said something :( Happy weekending!

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