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guest post - mother's day interview with tracey and aidan

This week I am featuring guest posts from my mommy friends.  I asked some very special women, all my age, if they would participate in a mother's day interview.   I was thrilled when they agreed and I hope you enjoy reading their responses as much as I did!

Today's interview is with a long time friend of mine.  I've known her for over 20 years and grew up only a few blocks from each other.  Tracey has a son named Aidan and I can't believe how big this young man is already.  Hope you enjoy!

Now that you are a mother yourself has your relationship changed at all with your own mother?

I really don't believe that my relationship with my mother has changed to much. My mom and I have always been really close. Of course as much teens do, I put my mom throw some years of hell but we always stayed close and she was always the person I could turn to. I definitely call her a lot more for "nurse answers" because of Aidan, on top of the at least once a day to call and chat. 

What has been the best advice you have received regarding motherhood?

As a new mom you receive a lot of advice, even when you don't want it. Everyone seems to want to give you their two sense, from complete strangers to family. The best advice I received was probably from a stranger about potty training. Aidan wanted nothing to do with the potty, most of the time I had a hard time changing his diaper because he absolutely hated being naked, ever since birth. And this stressed me out, I thought for sure my son was going to be in diapers his whole life. I don't even remember where I talked to this lady or how I started talking to her for that matter, but she told me to try and put Aidan's potty in front of the T.V and have him watch it while he sat on the potty. I thought she was crazy, but was willing to try anything with the fear that now my son was going to go potty in my living room is whole life. It worked! And after about a week he was running into the bathroom all on his own and going! (Thankfully the living room thing lasted only a week.) 

How about the worst advice?

 I don't think I was ever given bad advice. It seems like everyone wants to give advice, tell their story and even now as a mom when i meet first time moms I catch myself doing the same thing. I took what everyone said and if I thought it was a good idea I tried it and if it wasn't I didn't.

What has been the hardest part so far of being a mother?

Besides lack of sleep, getting back into shape, and the fact that its not just about me anymore?? When you become a mom all your worries change. The hardest part for me was trying not to worry to much about Aidan. I could make myself sick with all the worrying I do. ( I still check on him when he's sleeping to make sure he's breathing) I had to learn to worry enough but not to much. So when Aidan's right eye started to turn in I blew it off like it was just a toddler thing. When I finally did get him in to an eye doctor, I learned that Aidan's right eye didn't work and he basically couldn't see. He now wears glasses and his eye is getting stronger as the days go on. Everyone talks about how cute he is in his glasses, but he's just doesn't look like my little baby anymore( mostly because he's growing up way to fast) so my favorite time of the day is in the morning when he comes walking out of his room rubbing his sleepy eyes and for a few minutes I can see my little monster.  

What has been the most rewarding moment?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, every day is rewarding. Watching him grow and learn, he defiantly is my little miracle. 

Do you have any advice for first time mothers?

Mommy knows best! Give yourself  "me time" and Boppy Pillows were my life savor, every mommy must have one! 

What was your guilty pleasure while pregnant?

I craved snickers and Ice Cream. While I was pregnant we lived walking distance from a Dairy Queen, so I always said as long as we are walking it's okay! We went pretty much everyday. Also no one could wait on me enough, I think the part I miss the most about being pregnant is how much everyone took care of me and did everything for me :) 

Do you have plans to have more children?  If so how many?  How soon?

I would love more children, and I never thought I would say that after the very complicated and long delivery I went threw. But at this time Ive been put on hold by a doctor due to some medical conditions. ( We had plans this coming fall) We have recently been looking into adoption, keeping our options open. 3 would be ideal, but 2 would be great! 

What has been your biggest obstacle so far to overcome?

Our biggest obstacle has by far been bed time. Aidan has never been a great sleeper and pretty much slept with us in our room. When he was just a few months old he wouldn't sleep anywhere but my chest, so we went threw co/sleeping until we moved into our house. When we moved into our house we had his bedroom all set up and said that he would now start sleeping in his own bed, he was 5 months old. I thought this would be a good time for the transition. He did really well, but he was still waking up so often to eat that when I would feed him I would just take him into bed with me and there we'd stay.( a little bit of laziness on my part) Over the next few years we had issues with getting him to go to bed at night, then after me and my husband took our first trip away without him we had bigger problems. Aidan wouldn't even go into his crib, he would scream and scream for what seemed like forever and I would give in and take him to bed with me just to get him to settle down. So this is when we bought him his first "big boy" bed. He really seemed to like it but wanted either me or his dad sleeping in his room with him. We spent a lot of long tired night sleeping on his floor. To this day it is still something we are working on, every night is a battle to get him into bed, then it takes Aidan 20 minutes to say goodnight. And more often then not I still wake up to that adorable face, that part I don't mind so much. 

How has your own mother inspired you?

My mom raised three girls pretty much on her own, while working and going to school. She inspired me in so many ways, shes my hero and I owe a lot to her. She believes in me more then I could ever ask for and she makes sure I know it. 

What was your earliest childhood memory about your own mother?

I think my earliest childhood memory of my mom, was when i was 4 or 5. She was working late and I didn't feel well. I was in bed with my dad but couldn't sleep. I remember hearing the door opening and I got up and ran to her. We sat on the couch till I finally feel asleep. To this day when I get sick, I cant help but call my mom.

How do you want to most be like your mom?

I'd love to be as strong and willing as she is. She always put us girls first no matter what.
What did you do for your mom on mother's day in the past?

A few years ago we started a tradition on mothers day were we go and my mom picks out the flowers for her yard, then we go to her house and spend the day planting and cleaning up the yard. We share a love for gardening, so its a perfect time for me to ask question and she shares her helpful hints.
Lastly, what is your greatest wish for your child?

This one is a lot harder to answer then I thought it was going to be.  There's so much, I wish for Aidan to live a long healthy life, to be accomplished, to be happy and to live his life to the fullest, loving every minute as much as he possible can.

Thanks Tracey!!  I love you and your whole family!  Have a wonderful Mother's Day!  You deserve it! xoxx

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Anonymous said...

Watching Tracey grow from an adorable little girl to a beautiful MOM has been a blessing. Aiden is just as cute as his Mom!! luv you, mama xoxoxo