Saturday, May 12, 2012

guest post - mother's day interview with michelle and miss mia

This week I am featuring guest posts from my mommy friends.  I asked some very special women, all my age, if they would participate in a mother's day interview.   I was thrilled when they agreed and I hope you enjoy reading their responses as much as I did!

Last but certainly not least this week is my mother's day interview with my friend Michelle.  I have known her since I was a little girl and she has always been someone I've been able to look up to.   

Now that you are a mother yourself has your relationship changed at all with your own mother?

I believe it has, we have definitely become closer.

What has been the best advice you have received regarding motherhood?

Cherish the time you spend with your child, because they really do grow up fast.  Take lots of pictures and videos!!

How about the worst advice?

That your child should be potty trained by a certain age, believe me, they do it when they are ready.

What has been the hardest part so far of being a mother?

Disciplining my daughter, it kills me when she says "mommy your mad at me?"

What has been the most rewarding moment?

Holding my baby girl for the first time, it made all the fertility treatments, pregnancy struggles and 17 hours of labor so insignificant.

Do you have any advice for first time mothers?

Trust yourself, everything really does come naturally.

What was your guilty pleasure while pregnant?

There are too many to name, but one I won't forget was red white and blue popsicles. Yum.

Do you have plans to have more children?  If so how many?  How soon?

If we are blessed with more, I would love to have 2 more. Anytime would be good.

What has been your biggest obstacle so far to overcome?

Having to work, I missed some first time moments and it was very tough.

How has your own mother inspired you?

She has inspired me to trust in myself when it comes to mothering my daughter.

What was your earliest childhood memory about your own mother?

My mom always helping out with activities that my sister and I were involved in, like Girl Scouts and Dance.

How do you want to most be like your mom?

I want to be able to cook like she does, she really knows how to throw down in the kitchen.

What did you do for your mom on mother's day in the past?

One Mother's Day that I will always remember was when my sister and I along with our neighbor friend, got all dressed up and did a dance to "Baby got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Our moms loved it!!

Lastly, what is your greatest wish for your child?

That she believes in herself and succeeds in life. That she finds happiness in whatever she chooses to do and that she knows how much her Daddy and I love her.

I'm so grateful that you were a part of this Michelle.  I love you and your whole family.  Happiest Mother's Day to you! xoxx


Marianne said...

Look at that, my two favorite ladies on my lady loves blog. It's a good day. I love you ladies!! <3 Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle you are such a natural Mom. Both you and Mia are gorgeous!! luv nancy xoxo