Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend inventory

Oh, Monday you really sucked.  I want to start over or go back to the weekend.  The lovely weekend. 

Today starts my 17th week of pregnancy and the babe is onion size.  I have decided these sizes they compare the growing fetus to are slightly screwy and make less and less sense.  It still makes me smile though.  I'm clearly going to be eating a ton of onions this week in honor of my onion size baby.  Even though they give me wicked heartburn.

Bruce / Leigh La and La Laura 

DJ adores Leigh / I've known Paul since elementary school and Leigh since middle school (our moms are friends too)
 The weekend went by too fast as usual.  Thursday night Bruce Springsteen, Friday night we went out for sushi at Kabuki AGAIN, watched the hockey game and when DJ left for his drop-in hockey I soaked in the tub and promptly fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.  Saturday I worked for a little while and then DJ had a hockey game.  (they lost)  After hockey we went home to eat some dinner before heading out for a double birthday party in downtown Plymouth.  Unfortunately while waiting for my bestie to say she had arrived I fell asleep.  I have a very short window these days.  If I'm not out of the house before 11pm you better believe I will not be in a conscious enough state to function in a party setting.  I was super bummed when I woke back up at 1am.

17 week bump = elastic waist bands and wild outfit choices

donuts immediately followed sushi
berries and fruit dip in bed / grocery shopping in a maxi skirt
 Sunday I had zero motivation to get off the couch.  The thunderstorms, the Red Wings game and the sweet snoring doggies made it a, hang-in-your-pajamas-shower-and-then-put-a-new-pair-of-pajamas on kind of day.  I could have used one more of those days today, but alas I went to work like a trooper on Monday and came home to get our grocery shop on.  DJ said that the power had been out for about 2 hours and had just come back on.  I was so happy I had missed out.  Welp, we went to the grocery store and came home to find our power back out and out until 9-11:30 pm.  Huge bummer.  Not the way I was looking to spend my Monday.  It was ok though.  We lit candles and got real romantic over some Burger King :)  Happy Tuesday!

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Marianne said...

hey baby bloom (bump), we kinda love you over here in Texas. you have a friend for life. love, the worlow's