Thursday, April 12, 2012

weekend inventory - super late

Last week was just kind of a rough one for me.  I had a few things that were really weighing on me and from what I have been told the way you feel can effect the baby.  I think that's why my dizziness was off the charts and the morning sickness came back in full-all-day-force on Friday.  It was kind of a miserable few days on Thursday and Friday but I took the afternoon off at work and went home to relax and be comforted by my hubby.  He can really put things into perspective for me.  He made me some food, watched t.v. with me and made me laugh.  I can't tell you how grateful I was and how much better he made me feel.

Saturday was Easter Eve, my funk was lifted and neither of us had to work so we went and did a little shopping for some more comfortable clothing.  I have not yet succumb to maternity clothes.  I am in a between state of belly bump.  It's not yet "popped" but my waist is ever expanding and my work pants have to be unbuttoned on the way home from work daily.  I have no problem fitting into a few pairs of jeans still, but I really have a "ate too much" size belly bump right now.  I'm certain that people are too fearful to ask me if I am pregnant when they see my mid grade level bump.  I feel the need to really stick that little bump out there so that no one gets the idea that I've let myself go.  After shopping we took an afternoon walk with the fur babies, found out that the rockin' robin from last year has returned to torture our family while protecting her eggs, had a short visit from the greatest mother-in-law (that brought us our Easter basket) and then spent the night as couch potatoes. 

my mama's puppies - Phoebe and Brody
 Sunday was Easter with my side of the family.  We went to my mom's, I forgot the deviled eggs, and the whole family was there.  It was so nice outside and we had the best conversations.  My mom also had Easter baskets prepared for DJ and I and they literally had the absolute cutest things for Baby Bloom packed inside.  We're so lucky to have such a great family.

This was posted slightly late this week because I have been extra exhausted.  Tonight is babies first concert though.  Bruce Springsteen and since I'm 16 weeks along, according to what I've read the baby can hear now.  Perfect timing right?

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