Friday, April 6, 2012


Happy Good Friday!  Easter is this Sunday and I decided to dye Easter eggs.  Dye them adult style though, like look up Martha Stewart's website and make incredibly mature looking Easter eggs.  Well...apparently Martha takes eggs and blows them out first, as in doesn't hard boil them, blows that yolk out a tiny hole and then performs craft magic on the empty shell.

Let's just say I like my deviled eggs thank you very much and I didn't want to throw 12 eggs down the sink essentially.  I mean what's the point of dyeing Easter eggs if you're not going to eat them?  I guess that's not how I was raised or whatever.

Martha did teach me how to hard boil the shit out of an egg though.  Hello, perfection every time.  I do have a secret weapon though that cost about $1 from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's an egg timer that sits in the bottom of the pan and goes from bright red to dark red.  It's fool-proof.  

According to what I learned from Martha the best way to hard boil an egg is as follows:

1)  Place eggs in the bottom of an empty large pot (along with your rad egg timer).

2)  Fill pot with cool water just covering the tops of the eggs.

3)  Bring water to a boil on high heat, uncovered.  Keep at a boil for 10-20 minutes.  (or until your egg timer is all the way dark red)

4)  Take the pot of water off the heat and let sit until the water has cooled.

5)  Drain the water from the pot very carefully so that you don't crack any eggs and then run cold water over the eggs.  Hello, perfect hard boiled egg.

While I was boiling my eggs I was getting my egg dye ready.  I bought old school food coloring instead of those kits from the store.  Remember the point of dyeing eggs was still to make them adult style.  I had this image in my mind that regular food coloring would maybe make for more vibrant colors.

One other thing I did read while stalking Martha for Easter egg tips was that she recommends leaving the eggs in the dye for 10 minutes!  Double this time recommended on the food dye box.  Ok, here's where I decide to leave them in for 20 minutes because that must mean that I will end up with 4 times the vibrancy.
It didn't work.  Yes they are bright and all, but they still look eggsactly (see what I did there?) like how they looked when I made them growing up with my mom.  I was slightly defeated.  Such a let down.  I thought I would be eggcellent (ok done I swear) at this now that I am an adult, with patience and all that.  I spent the night thinking of ways to jazz them up, adult style.
Yesterday morning I knew I had to bust out my stamps.  No it's not terribly fancy but I did decide that it would be something I hadn't ever done when I was a kid and not something I had seen on Martha or Pinterest.

Lesson learned.  Easter eggs are meant to be child-like.  Happy Easter weekend!


Anonymous said...

Pretty eggs with adorable stamps!! You didn't even need a crayon to make your name!! Mama xoxo

Anonymous said...

So pretty!You are going to be such a great Mom!!!xoxo Aunt V