Thursday, April 5, 2012

dream a little dream

I've had the craziest dreams since I found out I was pregnant.  I mean CRAZY!  If at any point through out the day I talk to someone, think about someone or see someone I will inevitably have a dream about them.  Not just any old dream though, a super-wild-makes-no-sense-at-all kind of dream.
dream catcher catchin' my dreams
  I had a dream last week that I was making out with Tim Tebow.  I don't even really know who the hell Tim Tebow is, besides that he plays football, prays and that him and Taylor Swift were rumored to have been dating.  Seriously that's the extent of my Tebow knowledge and yet I saw his face on the tv and the next thing you know I'm dreaming about him.

Not all my dreams are about kissing guys that aren't my husband though.  I also had a dream that I saved a baby owl from Jennifer Aniston's neighbor's house because I had heard from friends that Brad Pitt had been sending her flowers and visiting her to try to win her back.  Obviously that meant I should take a stroll (because apparently Jen and I live in the same hood) over to Jen's house, but when I went up to her house there were signs out front.  I'm a little fuzzy on what the signs said.  As I strolled passed her house though I discovered a tiny animal that was suffering underneath the mailbox at her neighbor's house and it turned out to be an owl.  I apparently in my dream had the skills to revive said owl and then I woke up.
she's so pretty
 The bottom line is that I have full blown insane pregnancy dreams and one of the best parts is that I actually have the ability to remember them long enough to repeat them to DJ in the morning, which is followed by him rolling his eyes, in support of course.  ;)

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