Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Images of Inspiration - Shoes

I have a love affair with shoes.  Plain and simple.  Shoes can make or break an outfit.  I'm dying for double and triple stacked platforms right now.  I'm 5'2'' people, without heels I'll get lost in a crowd!

 Baby Heels
 Hot Pink Hotness
 The stuff dreams are made of.
 So chic
 Double platform love
 Jeans and heels
 Triple platform heaven
 Sometimes I still wear mine around the house.
 BONUS: My sexy reds from my wedding day :)

"I’m not about fantasies. I think I’m about quality and realness and earthiness and anti-fashion. I’m not about fashion. I’m about things that you own and keep that you cherish. I don’t throw out my clothes. They get better with age." 
                                                                                                Ralph Lauren

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