Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe

Back to the grind, after another awesome weekend and I have a serious case of the Mondays.  We've been having a serious Detroit heat wave so my go-to style has either been a torn-to-shreds pair of Levi's boyfriend style cut-off shorts (literally they used to be my husbands jeans), a sun dress or a bikini.  This weekend was a mix of all three.  With tons of running around to do on Saturday I went with a short sun dress and the husband was rocking it out too!

Saturday night my husband and I went downriver to the Wyandotte Street Fair to see The Detroit Cobras.  First of all, I love them, second of all the temps didn't go below about 79 degrees even at 11 o'clock at night.  So my choice to wear skinny jeans was not so smart, but I wore a pair of killer heels and enjoyed the music of one of my favorite bands.  After the show, we got to hang out with the lead singer Rachel Nagy, and while she was showing me a special, ummm, certain female pleasuring device in her truck, that she picked up on the way to the show, my husband snapped a few pictures.

Apparently he's not so hot with the photography because you can hardly see anything.  Probably for the best because both of us were fighting frizz and sweat pretty hard.

Besides a quick trip to the grocery store, Sunday was spent sun bathing at the in-laws again.  I have a hot pink bikini that I'm in love with this year.  It makes me look so tan!  I wish I was still floating around on the raft today.  Instead it's the beginning of a new work week.  Albeit, a short one (only working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) it's still a time suck away from my favorite bikini.

"You don't knock, strain, push a hole. The door's wide open a-waitin' for your soul. Ya don't knock, ya just walk on in." - The Detroit Cobras

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