Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Memorial weekend is upon us and my hubby and I are packing up and getting ready for a fun canoe trip up north with lots of friends.  A trip to the northern woods is a good couple hours in the car and I am such a fan of a good road trip.  One of my favorite parts of a road trip is putting on some jams and singing along to pass the time.

I've been kicking it old school and making cd's instead of playlists and checking off items on my check list to prepare.  I'm so excited and looking forward to sun and fun.  (crossing my fingers for sun)  It's been a few years since DJ and I have been to the annual canoe trip that our friends take, but here are a few pictures from our last ramble to Indian River.

I'm super excited and can't wait to get down and dirty in the woods and cold and wet in the Sturgeon River.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

"People who don't care if they don't sleep, are lovers." Unknown

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