Monday, May 30, 2011

Forgive and Forget

Why is that concept so hard?  It's honestly physically painful to get past a moment in time when someone hurts you, harms you or stabs you in the back.  Of course though to forgive and forget is the adult thing to do.

I feel like I am always being told by my husband to, "Be the bigger person."  I always abide and indeed I try to remain on the side of maturity.  Lately though I've been thinking though...who are the people that get to act like assholes?  When do I get to act like a complete jerk and throw caution to the wind when telling someone how I really feel about them?

These of course are the jerks that you need to forgive and forget.  The ones that are unhappy with themselves or possibly just need to be involved in drama for whatever reason.  It also seems like these are the people that are constantly proclaiming their disgust for drama. 

I, once again, I am at a cross roads.  Take the road that forgives or take the road that lashes out.  I have the strongest urge to lose my cool.  I want to tell someone how I find their disrespect towards me, disgusting.  I hate being treated like garbage.  I don't deserve to be talked badly about and more importantly neither does my husband.  However I am sure that the more responsible thing to do is sit back and say nothing.  Starting a fight with an immature person is a waste.  An actual waste of time and energy.  I won't do that to myself.  I will not inflict more pain on myself when I'm already feeling disappointed.

The moral is in fact, that I will be an adult, a good person.  I will spend time with people that make me happy and do more things that make me happy, because that is the best revenge after all...being happy.

"The best way to get even is to forget." Unknown

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