Monday, September 6, 2010


Last week my hunny and I started P90X If you aren't familiar with P90X it's a fitness fad that promises drastic results in 90 days. I must say that I am susceptible to falling for infomercials and this was no different. The before and after pictures are extremely convincing, not that I will be posting our before pictures or anything, but maybe after 90 days I'll post the after.

The idea behind the work out is this muscle confusion technique that keeps your body from getting into a routine and plateauing. There are 3 phases to both the fitness dvd's as well as 3 phases to the nutritional guide. The instructor, Tony, is actually really motivating. I have watched countless exercise videos and been to just as many exercise classes and let me tell you without a good instructor an hour long class can seem like 7 hours. Tony however is really great. He isn't cheesy or corny, he's really motivating and gives plenty of options for those that can't do 30 pull ups (in my case) or inverted triangle during YogaX (in my fiance's case).

After 6 days I am definitely sore and still have to work out today before I have a full day of rest. I would much rather have started on a Monday so that my rest day was Sunday. It took everything in me to put on lycra stretch pants and make myself do pull ups yesterday. So anyway, now that I am sore and have nearly a week down, I think I can see how these videos can produce results. They are aggressive and you will sweat, however I also believe that if I forced myself to work out at maximum effort 6 days a week at Lifetime Fitness and followed a relatively reasonable diet I would also see the same results. I guess the difference is that while following an instructor and silently competing with your significant other in your own home is a bit more inspirational.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, but as long as I feel awesome in my wedding dress, it will be worth it enough to me.

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