Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sister Act

The Spice Girls had at least one thing right GIRL POWER!  A simple brush stroke of an idea turned into a major piece of art work with the contributions of four engaging and creative women, myself included.

It's no secret that my favorite photographer is Marianne WorlowMarianne's work is visually stunning and her aesthetic is truly appealing.  She is a breath of fresh air and besides being my go-to photographer she is also a very dear friend.  My sweet soul sister shares a passion for photos the way I share a "Fashion Four Passion", I mean a passion for fashion ;)  We teamed up with an aspiring model and a budding videographer to create a fierce fashion shoot in the streets and alleys of Ann Arbor, MI.  After weeks of bouncing around ideas between one another, Marianne packed up her camera and I loaded up my racks and shoes and we hit the pavement.

The results are unreal...

For a group of beginners, I can't hardly pick my jaw up off the ground after seeing the payoff.  Samantha, our model is a knock out and has such a bright future.  She is a stylists dream with her perfect figure and a gorgeous glow.  Monique, our videographer, took a miscommunication (oops my bad) and turned it out  She's got an incredible eye.  Marianne, of course, the master, put all the pieces together and made magic.

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marianne worlow photography said...

I love it!.. Passion is Power & we got it!