Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorite Friday

I want to use Fridays to give the low down on  my favorite products, websites, stores, etc.  I'm a creature of habit so when I find something I love I quickly become a slave to it.  I used the same liquid eye liner for many many years and recently it was discontinued by the company.  It was a traumatic event and I have yet to find another that has met my standards, but I digress.  The bottom line is I am an extremely loyal consumer and I enjoy the idea of passing along my enthusiasm for my favorite things.

It's very hard to decide which one of my cherished items I'd like to encourage you to try first, but the winner is TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo !

Recently dry shampoo has been getting a lot of attention.  Long gone are the days of using straight baby powder to soak up excess oil when you try to get an extra day out of your perfect hair-do.  Dry shampoo sprays on at your roots and not only does it eliminate oily strands it also restores volume and does away with odor.  There are many brands that have a version of dry shampoo,  but I have found TIGI to be the most effective without leaving my hair look grey or dull.  It's incredibly versatile which isn't something I can say about the variety of brands I have sampled.  I have thick, curly, red hair & a friend of mine has straight, blonde hair and we can both rave about this product. 

The bottom line is that scorching your tresses everyday is damaging and can lead to split ends and frizz, shampooing everyday strips your strands of natural healthy oils that encourage a shampoo commercial worthy shine.

Where can you find TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo, you ask?  The first time I purchased the dry shampoo I bought it from Ulta, when I searched their website for it now there was no sign of it, but they may still carry it in stores.  However, a large number of salons carry the TIGI brand as well as stores such as Target and CVS.

Enjoy your weekend and let your hair down!!

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