Thursday, June 13, 2013

weekend inventory

I do not know exactly where all my time goes, but it's really been getting away from me lately.  Before I know it, it's Friday and I've only blogged once. 

I'm going to turn it all around though next week, I can feel it.  I missed most of this week, but let's just sweep this one under the bridge, water under the rug, eh, erm, reverse those.

Last weekend was too short per usual. 
Friday I came home from work and found Hank and DJ taking a late nap so I thought I would attempt to get a run out of the way, instead of having to wait until Hank went to sleep for the night.  I also made the decision to switch up my route.  A fateful decision that was.  I normally run on Hines Drive which is nice and scenic, but I thought I would run through downtown Plymouth for a little change of pace.  I had my play list turned way up and didn't realize that the "music in the park" series had already started.  There were a ton of people down there.  I tried running through them, but there were too many obstacles to maneuver so I just started walking.  That's when I got the worst side stitch possible.  I tried to stretch, but again, there were tons of people so I was trying to not look like a total weirdo with my awkward side stretches.  I got out of the crowd finally, stretched out and started back up.  I could see a train on the tracks up ahead but I kept running hoping that it would get a move on by the time I reached it.  Nope.  So I stretched some more, because I was still suffering from that cramp.  I waited....and waited...thought about going underneath and then chickened out...  After a good fifteen minutes of waiting and telling people in their cars how to get around the train, I decided I had better just run back to where I came from.  I ran all over the neighborhood though trying to find the nearest route to get past the train.  I ended up going back to where I came from in the end, back through the concert in the park and all the people.  By the time I got back home I was sweaty and exhausted.  The train didn't move for an hour and ten minutes you guys.  On a Friday night at 7pm-ish!  Can I call someone to complain about this?  I'm still outraged and it's 4 days after the fact.
I spent lots of time with my guys the rest of the weekend, we hit up a 1 year old's birthday party and I started watching Game of Thrones finally.
I pumped through the first season and I am six episodes into the second season.  What have I been doing the past three seasons you guys?  Missing out, that's what.
Sunday, Hank turned 8 months old.  That boy is ah-mazing. 
I'm already done with my work week by the by.  I took Friday and Monday off just for the hell of it.  We planned to go camping, but plans fell through so now I'm just going to re-lax.  I have big plans to stalk down some new clothes for Henry, play at the park and drink some wine.  Oh and I guess celebrate daddy's day.
I'll be back tomorrow to finally show you some pictures from Hank's first trip to the Detroit zoo.

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Kristin Key said...

seriously, i cannot believe that we are halfway through june ... time is flying!

and i haaaate when i make a change to my routine and it backfires, ha. that usually happens to me with driving ... try a different way and get stuck in traffic.