Thursday, June 20, 2013

eight amazing months

June 9th, Hank turned 8 months old.  In almost the same amount of time as it took for me to cook up my little King Henry, he has gone from a lump to a lion. 
Not officially crawling just yet, mostly just rolling, scootin, climbing, rocking on all fours and reaching to get where he needs to be.
Standing is the best.  He loves to stand, bounce and wiggle.
Standing has also brought on cautious stepping.  We put the legs on a musical toy and he can slowly mowzie around.
Stranger anxiety has never really been an issue, but over the weekend we saw a few brief moments.
Grass provides endless amounts of entertainment.  At the end of the day when patience is at its' very thinnest, a trip outside to sit on the grass is in order.  It can give us another half an hour of happy and non whiney baby.
Naps are a bit shorter and sometimes harder to come by.
The first two teeth have FINALLY poked through and those little suckers are like razors!
Henry is very grabby.  Noses, eyeballs, necklaces, faces in general, loose skin of any kind, these are all fair game.
He's pulling himself up onto legs, furniture and such.
Hank shows so many different facets of his personality, his sense of humor, a little attitude, major curiosity.  I'm surprised everyday at how fast things change.
Believe it or not my seemingly photogenic babe, puts up a real fight when it comes to getting a good picture these days.  I end up with about 1000, blurry photos because I just keep taking them in hopes that he was sitting still and smiling just as the camera took the picture.  The kid is too busy being curious at the world around him to stop for another picture.  I'm pretty sure if he could roll his eyes at me when I'm shaking a toy and saying "Hank, Hank, Henry, over here Henry, Hank look at mommy..." in hopes that he will look in my direction. 
Open mouth slobbery kisses. Oh they are the best. The best I tell you. Eight months is pretty amazing.


jamiedawn said...

he is the cutest... and the best blend of the two of you!!

Anne Hill said...

my goodness he is a cutie!

Catherine Fishback said...

What a cutie! He also has my favorite boy name.

Congrats on 8 months!