Wednesday, June 19, 2013

weekend inventory

Man, what a four day weekend can do for your spirit.  Four fabulous days of no work and all play with King Henry.
It did us both good.  In four days of mostly just the two of us hanging out, Hank started finally pulling himself up consistently and giving open mouth kisses.  Pulling himself up is a fun milestone, but when he looks me directly in the eye and comes in for a kiss, mouth agape, I could die of cute overload.  He is so deliberate in his actions lately.  He hears the word "No." and gives a big adorable grin.  The kind that you can't help but smile at in return and then he quickly returns to the original action that made you tell him "no" in the first place. 
Friday I had errands to run and a house to clean.  Hank is the perfect side kick.  Making ladies laugh at Target, the grocery store and generally any where we step foot inside.  We took a solid afternoon snoozer and woke up when DJ got home from work.  Once Hank went to sleep that night, DJ and I watched that new Wizard of Oz movie.  It sucked.  We didn't even finish it. 

Saturday, DJ had to work again so Hank and I spent the day as best buds again.  We danced and sang to record after record.  We walked and walked and walked around town.  We played inside and outside.  Took THREE naps and watched Finding Nemo for the millionth time.  DJ came home and we told him that we needed to go back to Target because I managed to forget formula and wipes.  We stopped over at my aunt and uncles, chatted and played with the neighbors chickens.  Went to Target and then planned to go to a festival.  Little did we know that there were fireworks that night at the festival and by the time we got there it was crazy busy and with no stroller packed up I was not going to walk that far.  We went home and dosed our anxiety ridden dog to put him to sleep prior to the booming fireworks.  This anxiety is a newly acquired thing Bowie has.  He shakes and pants uncontrollably and he just wants to be up your ass.

Sunday was father's day, so being the good wifey that I am, I let DJ sleep in.  Once daddy woke up, Hank and I gave him his card and gift.  Unfortunately, husband needed to work on his car.  Not the most fun way to spend the first part of the day, but we had plans to meet up with my father in law, step mother in law and sister in law for dinner.  We got to the restaurant and walked up to my in laws.  They all stood up and rushed back to the car.  My in laws own a auto body shop and the fire department had called to say that there was a fire.  We immediately drove to the shop to see how bad the damage was.  Luckily it was not terrible.  It could have been much much worse and everyone was grateful for that.  Need less to say dinner was rescheduled til this weekend.
I guess you could say it was a father's day to remember.  ;)


brittany said...

oh my gosh, king henry!! precious!! and aren't the open mouth kisses the best thing on earth? i can't get enough of those!!

Kristin Key said...

the new wizard of oz didn't look good to me at all, so i am glad you can confirm!

those pictures of you and hank are the cutest!