Thursday, May 23, 2013


WWMD? aka What Would Martha Do?  The answer to that question is, she would buy stock in mason jars.

Seriously though, mason jar sales must be at an all time high with the ever increasing popularity of Pinterest and it's never ending mason jar craft ideas. 

One night not too terribly long ago during a particularly long stint of pinning, I decided to bore inspire DJ with some of my most inspiring pins.  He hates loves this as you can imagine and maybe he was just trying to cut me off quickly, or maybe I found his crafting bone among the hanging mason jars, but DJ grabbed the lap top from me to get a closer look at the re-purposed light fixtures.  He said, "Those are awesome.  Let's do it tomorrow." 
And we did.

You can find the directions to do it yourself here.

PS: TWO of my friends had their babies today! Welcome to the world Ethan & Emma!


Rachel said...

Thanks lo lo :-D hanks gf is finally here ;-)

k8te said...

those lights are awesome! pinterest items can be attainable! one time i had tim screw knobs onto a corkboard as a necklace holder and he was like, 'is this a pinterest thing i'm doing right now??" ;)

Kristin Key said...

i love those so much!

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Go you for actually accomplishing a pin!! It has been FAR too long for that for me. I've actually virtually quit pinterest unless I need something in particular because it just depresses me too much.

They look great!