Friday, January 4, 2013

xmas and new years

Yes, I am quite behind on my holiday posts.  Time is moving so quickly I just can't catch my breath.  So in lieu of recapping all the details of Henry's 1st Christmas I'll just shower you with adorable photos.  Deal?

New Years was only a few days ago so I feel okay about telling you how we rang in 2013.  We spent New Years Eve doing some shopping.  We went to Ikea.  They were having an awesome sale on a wardrobe.  Between DJ and I our closets and dressers are overflowing, despite the fact that I donate about 4-5 garbage bags of clothes twice a year (my clothes alone) and putting away cold weather clothes during warm weather months and vise verse we just don't have enough space.  Hence the attempt to purchase a wardrobe with three doors and two drawers.  We travel the Ikea maze, pick up lots of stuff we don't need and go to find the wardrobe only to discover it's already sold out.  Figures.  We licked our wounds and took Henry to his first trip to Kabuki, our fave sushi restaurant.  He laughed and laughed at his daddy and then promptly fell asleep as our food arrived.  Good boy, Henry.  Good boy.

After Ikea and sushi, I curled up with Henry on the couch and napped along side him while DJ and his brother did some running around.  Plans for our evening included dinner at home, a visit to a friends house and then back home to ring in the New Year as our small little family.  Dinner began late because of a meat fiasco of epic proportions when my brother in law, Jason Steakums the connoisseur of meats, couldn't find a perfect steak.  I'll tell you though that our dinner was well worth the wait.  I would have waited until the next day for that dinner.  My hubby and brother in law grilled outside in the cold while I cooked the asparagus, twice baked potatoes, lobster and crab legs inside while sipping champagne.  Henry watched the movie Hook, ate and conked out around 9pm.  We dined as three's company and busted at the seams from all the good food.  I kid about my brother in laws fascination with finding the perfect steak, but the guy sure can cook a delicious steak.  I swear it was better than dinner at any restaurant.

We packed the babe up in his car seat and drove over to our friends house.  I much prefer a friend's house to those awful hall parties.  It always feels so cheesy and lame.  Last year we went to a theatre with tons of people which was a lot of fun and I love dressing up, but dinner with family and drinks with friends in a cozy home is far superior.  We set Henry under the Christmas tree at our friends house and he slept soundly.  He was a perfect gentleman.  At quarter to midnight we hugged and waved good bye to our friends and rushed home.  We quickly poured drinks and Henry woke up at the perfect time.  We counted down and hugged and kissed.  Minutes later, Henry fell fast asleep and I quickly snuggled up into my pajamas and joined him.  I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm ready for this year like I've never been before.
Enjoy your weekend!  I'm looking forward to loving on my baby every minute of each day!


Marianne said...

Ahh the cuteness. Your sweet perfect little family makes me so excited about mine that is to happen so soon. &! Hank's faces crack me up, love him. <3 Oh &! p.s. Y O U ' R E H O T!

Laura said...

Thank you lady love! Hank is such a little ham and he keeps me nice & busy.