Monday, December 31, 2012

a toast

2012 has been another incredible year.  Can't wait for 2013! So tonight let's toast...
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to the ones we love
to the ones we've lost
to our clans & tribes
to friends who have been there & will be there
to precious moments
to shared treats
to not judging
to loving unconditionally
to trusting, forgiving & forgetting
to loyalty 
to patience & passion
to desserts 
to wine
to life longs & life savers
to baby toes & baby breath
to having history
to having a bright future
to husbands with big hearts
to letting go of whats holding you down
to holding on to what means the most
and to making the most of the upcoming year.  See you soon 2013!
we started 2012 as two and we're leaving it as three


jamiedawn said...

happy new year to you doll!!

Faye said...

Happy New Year. Hope 2013 is wonderful 4u & ur family!! xx