Wednesday, January 9, 2013

rockin' & rollin'

Today Henry is officially turned 3 months old and yesterday he hit 13 weeks.  Yesterday he made 13 weeks extra memorable by holding his own bottle and grabbing his tootsie!

As you may remember, I planned to start the transition to the crib earlier than I did, but when I started gearing up to make the move he started sleeping 8-10 hours per night...sometimes 11-12.  I decided that after weeks of getting up every few hours I was not going to mess with a good thing.  And so far nothing has changed.  His sleep schedule was not a fluke.  The kid sleeps just like his daddy.  Going back to work last week made me snap back into reality and the realization that Hank is going to eventually be too big for the rocker and I would rather get him used to the crib before there is no other option.

Friday night was our first go at it.  Henry took a bath, got in his jammies and ate.  He fell asleep mid-bottle which is pretty typical and I laid him down in his crib on his back like I am supposed to.  He woke up 15 minutes later crying.  I went in and tried to give him his pacifier to no avail.  I picked him up and discovered he had leaked through his diaper.  Seriously?  The first night in his crib and within 15 minutes he's wet the bed.  So I changed him again and changed the sheets, fixing the problem.  I guess he was just christening his maiden voyage.  I fed him the rest of his bottle and he fell right back to sleep.  I laid him down this time on his tummy.  I know, I know, I'm not supposed to but he sleeps like an angel on his daddy and I on his stomach.  This worked perfectly, because he could not startle himself awake.  The main problem was that I was a nervous wreck.  I could not let myself fall asleep knowing that he was on his tummy in the next room.  I went in and turned him on his back.  About an hour and a half later he woke up again.  I was exhausted.  Being back to work took a lot out of me and I am not used to going to sleep later anymore.  I gave up and laid him in his rocker in our room.  We both slept til 8am.

I decided to ask my mommy friends for advice and it made me very happy to hear that their babies liked to sleep on their tummies too!  At nap time I decided I would let him sleep on his stomach in the crib.  I would be awake so I felt more comfortable being able to keep my eyes on the monitor.  It went GREAT!  I got everything I needed to get done, done and he slept soundly.  I am a believer in the tummy sleep now.  I decided that I was going to put off night time sleep in the crib though until Henry becomes more efficient at rolling over.  He rolled over on his own very early but not since.  He gets close but gets frustrated and just cries.  However, I will feel less anxiety about him sleeping through the night in his crib knowing that he has the strength to roll over.  Wouldn't you know it, Sunday morning tummy time we watched Henry roll.
Over and over and over, we watched.  And he does it or tries to do it every time we put him down for tummy time now!  I swear that child can read my mind.  Congrats Hank on officially being a rocker and a roller on January 6th, 2013.


Anonymous said...

He a growing boy!! And all of these faces he's making in his bouncy seat will get me through the day with smiles!!! Love Love Love being a Nana!!! xoxo

brittany said...

he is absolutely so so precious!! gosh, babies are the best :)

Lindsay said...

look at those cheeks - he is too cute!