Thursday, November 29, 2012

weekend super late

Well we survived the holiday weekend and we still have leftovers to show for it.  No pecan pie though.  The pecan pie was gone by Friday night.  Friday night was a big night over here.  Not only did we finish off the pecan pie, but Hank rolled over as well!  Must have been all the good turkey day food.

Saturday we went to a friends house and watched some college football while Hank met his baby buddy River.  River was born about five weeks before Hank and they were beyond cute hanging out together.  River's mommy, Cara, and I told told them to hug and hold hands.  It was slightly a joke because...well...they are infants. Wouldn't you know it, those babes placed their tiny precious hands right on top of one another?!  Of course I forgot my camera AND phone at home.  Mommy brain: 1 - Laura: 0.  Cara got lots of photos though and promised to send them my way so I'll share when I can.

Sunday was my sweet soul sister, Marianne's, baby shower.  She is pregnant with baby Hank's BFF and he was so excited to meet her.  Hank, Grandma Nancy and I all arrived at the same time and walked in to see the most adorable decorations and favors ever!  Marianne is so incredibly creative and her shower was a perfect example.  Hank was the only boy allowed at the party and the ladies loved him.  Baby Worlow's grandma and great grandma even got some practice in before he arrives :)
Since my lovely friend was in town we Bloomingburg's took full advantage.  Monday, Marianne came over to take some photos of my precious boy and Tuesday was taco  night at her sister's house!  We missed Mr. Worlow but it was so nice seeing my friend with her little baby boy in her belly. She has that mommy glow for sure! I'm so sad she had to leave, but it gives us a perfect excuse to get our butts to Austin!  Miss you already Marianne!
 I really can't believe it's Thursday already.  How did that happen?  Thanksgiving was already a week ago! 


Marianne said...

:D If I could have squeezed you 3 into my luggage, I would have. For sure. I love you guys & I had sooo much fun seeing you 3! times. Let's not get started on Hank's cuteness either, I may melt over here. & thanks for your sweet words, but most of all your friendship. I wuvs your wittle family, oh so much. <3

Anonymous said...

Marianne looks good holding Henry!! Just adorable!! Good to see her blooming into a great mama just like you!! xoxo mama

jamiedawn said...

can i have your hair? please? even if just for a day? and as always, love that hank!