Friday, November 30, 2012

dear turkey day, i miss you already & target holiday collection

I really do miss it.  No day is better spent then sitting around with your family eating yummy food and sharing what you're grateful for.

This year for Thanksgiving eve instead of heading out to the bar, like all the wild a crazy kids we hung out at home and little sister Natalie came over to stay the night before she was in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and hang out with her nephew.  DJ left for a little while to play hockey, Hank took a nap, so Natalie and I enjoyed a little girl time by watching The Vow, painting our nails and doing her hair.  I'm pretty sure she only watched The Vow for my sake though.  She's more of a horror movie fan, just like DJ.
hair done, nails done, everything did
On Thanksgiving DJ got up bright and early to drop Natalie off with her roller derby girls for the parade.  Did you watch the parade?  Natalie's group was sponsored by Lafayette Coney Island and was skating around as a hot dog!!  Haha, she was the cutest little weenie!
Once DJ got home Hank and I were awake and in full on turkey day mode.  Hank was a perfect little helper.  He sat in his rocker and looked on curiously as I described every move I made in an annoying sing song voice.  He LOVED it.  Later on family arrived and basically took over.  Hank was the main attraction and if someone wasn't holding him they were in the kitchen taking over.  I can't really complain.  We ate, we laughed and then we ate again.  Perfection.
turkey slayer


clearly it was nap time


I cannot believe these boys are so big!

my mama with Brad & Jake

cute is their name - begging is their game

'Til next year turkey day.  Gobble gobble!

OH and in case you forgot or weren't aware, Target and Neiman Marcus are releasing a holiday collection at both Target and Neiman Marcus stores TOMORROW, December 1st that includes fifty limited edition products from major designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Alice & Olivia and more.  Go get you some, but don't you dare go to the Canton Target unless you want to see me trampling you for these bad boys.
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cupkake said...

i have to know, what is that giant reddi whip thing? haha, a sign?

Laura said...

It's a cooler/fridge, like the kind you would see at a grocery store. We put all our beverages in there! It's awesome! We have one inside and one in our shed that we use as a freezer.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Brad are growing up soooo fast!! They are so handsome!! xoxo And it really was the best family filled, fun day!! xoxo mama