Tuesday, November 20, 2012

weekend inventory

Hmmm last weekend...

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Henry decided to throw his awesome sleep schedule out the window for a few days.

Grandma Nancy (I think Hank should call her Nana or Nan. What do you think mom?) came over on Friday and brought us all kinds of stuff.  Then she grooved to Fleetwood Mac with Hank while I got some cleaning done.

DJ played hockey all weekend and even got into a fight at one game :(

Sunday we had Henry's great aunt and uncle over.

We went to the turkey farm to pick out a beast of a turkey for Thanksgiving. (more on that tomorrow)

I finally convinced DJ to watch You've Got Mail.  He fell asleep at the very end, but he still agreed it was good.

I started working on a puzzle.  Yes, a 1000 piece Christmas Puzzle.  I don't know why I wanted to work on a puzzle so badly, but now that I've started I'm realizing that it's much harder than I remember.  Also, good luck with piecing a puzzle together with a newborn.

My mom bought me one of those Suave hair straightening kits and while DJ watched (a sleeping) Hank, I went through the whole process.  I haven't washed my hair out yet to see how it dries naturally but I will say that it was so easy to dry my completely soaking wet hair after the initial application.

So yeah, it was a boring weekend again.  So what?  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is two days away?  I'm hosting at our house for the 5th year.  I love Thanksgiving.  Everyone just sitting around eating, chatting and cruising the sale ads for Black Friday.  Are you going shopping on Friday (or Thursday night)?  We can't decide yet what we're going to do.  Probably won't go until Friday afternoon.  If there isn't anything leftover than it wasn't meant to be.  We'll have plenty of food leftover and that's all I'm really concerned about anyway.

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Faye said...

I called my Nanna Nanna mainly because she said she was far too youthful to be called 'Granny' lol! I love the 50's pic, hope you have a super thanksgiving with baby Hank xx