Wednesday, November 21, 2012

vegetarians avert your eyes

Sunday afternoon after our company had left DJ, Hank and I made our way to Roperti's Turkey Farm.  These turkeys are free range and corn fed.  People that buy their turkey from this farm swear that they will never buy a frozen turkey from the grocery store ever again.  Over the past 5 years that DJ and I have been hosting Thanksgiving we have considered buying a turkey from Roperti's, but the cost is quite a bit more so we usually shyed away.  This year however we decided that it was really important to us to not only buy a healthier form of turkey, but also to support local businesses.

This was Sunday and there were tons of turkeys gobbling around.

Today we picked up our turkey and there were NO turkeys remaining.  I know that I should have expected it, but it was a little shocking.  However we picked up the Big Lebowski of turkeys.  Hey 30 pounder!  Have an amazing turkey day you turkeys and be grateful!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to spend the day with you, Dj and Henry!! You always make Thanksgiving so special, and most of all to be thankful for this year is the addition of Henry!! xoxo mama