Wednesday, August 1, 2012

summer breeze makes me feel fine

Now if only there was a good strong breeze to make me feel fine.  I am now onto week 31 and things are just harder pregnant.  I'm feeling so good for the most part.  This sweet little man boogies around my belly all day long.  He hiccups and fist pumps, to let me know that he's enjoying my choice in spicy foods as well as my Olympic commentary.  And I love his enthusiasm.  This week, I'm just feeling a little crummy though.

The extreme heat and my non existent belly button keeps me from busting out the bikini and doing some sun soaking, which would typically be my blues buster this time of year.  I'm so happy to be pregnant but it sure isn't easy.  I feel a little left out of certain things.  I'm starting to think my non-pregnant friends are afraid to ask me to do anything other than sit and eat.

I decided to take the next few days off work and make for a long weekend.  So I am skipping last weekends inventory and moving on to this weekend.  We bought cupcakes and everything besides the fabric to make curtains for the baby's room so it's on.  We're also impatiently patiently waiting for the very exciting, "Your crib is ready to be picked up.", phone call that will hopefully come any day now!


See you next week when I have recharged my batteries and feel more like my super rad-self.

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