Friday, July 27, 2012

awe shoot

DJ and I are doing a maternity photo shoot this weekend and I am having the worst time ever trying to find things to wear.  Now I know why certain women takes nude photos when they're pregnant.  It's because they can't find anything appropriate or flattering to go over the bump.  Have a good weekend and wish me luck, otherwise you'll all be suffering through some terribly awkward Demi Moore/Jessica Simpson style maternity photos.

Don't worry mama I'm not really planning on going nude, I'll probably find something to wear.

 Oh and the Olympics start tonight!  GO USA!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! Mama isn't worried you will find something perfect to wear.. (Even if I have to buy it!) xoxo mama

Holly said...

we are so on the same track! we are having our maternity photo shoot this weekend too and yep, have NO idea what to wear. our photographer said brighter colors are better for the baby bump.

cupkake629 said...

you always look amazing, so i am sure you will figure something out!
i am soo excited for the olympics for some reason! i've never really been that into it before but this year i am psyched.

Laura said...

@Holly HAHA I told you I was just going to steal your to-do list because it was everything I needed to do too! Can't wait to see your pictures!

@Kristin Thank you so much! And I am super excited for the olympics too. I'm actually nervous that I might miss certain events!