Friday, July 13, 2012

babies of the fur variety

Sir Bowie Stardust Bloomingburg * 2 years old / Bella Rue Bloomingburg * 3.5 years old

Have you ever seen such adorable faces?  These are the faces of my fur babies.  My extra sweet and understanding fur babies to be exact.  These two super stars certainly have a sense that there is a big change headed our way.  I can't remember, but I believe I already discussed how Bella has already taken to sleeping on the floor despite sleeping between her daddy and I since we got her almost 4 years ago.  It was so instant that she knew that I needed my space in the bed when we found out about Baby Bloom.  It's taken Bowie a little longer to realize something's up.  He still falls asleep in his bed next to ours and nudges me a few hours later until I lift up the blankets to let him crawl under and sleep between DJ and I.  He gets so frustrated with me already because I sleep with a pillow on my side (to rest the belly on) and he has to crawl closer to DJ or further towards our feet so that he can make sure he's cuddling both of us. 

It's making me feel increasingly bad.  I know they are pets but they are our first babies and I don't want them to feel any less love.  It sounds dumb and probably not on most people's list of worries when it comes to having a baby, but it's weighing on me a bit.  I've been reading online some ways to make the transition easier for the babies but I haven't found anything that seems extra special.  Has anyone else felt this way?  What did you do to make for a smooth transition?

What's everyone doing this weekend?  Art in the Park is going on in Downtown Plymouth so I'm sure we'll be walking around there on Sunday, but I am in need of some sun!  This Loreal Sublime self tanner only takes me so far.  Oh AND we are absolutely, 100%, getting the nursery painted!!  Happy Friday the 13th lovers!

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