Thursday, July 12, 2012

36 inches

LOOK at the adorable onesies from my brother-in-law and his fiance (they were visiting last week)!  I can't even.  I just can't handle the cuteness.

It's the home stretch!  Hello third trimester!  The baby shower invitations have been sent, the baby's closet is starting to fill up with adorable little outfits and my tummy has reached an extra large status.  36 inches to be exact!  GULP.

I finished What to Expect When You're Expecting and started to read What to Expect the First Year.  I took the advice of my ever wise manager whom just had a baby last year and started to read it now, before the baby is born, because according to her, there is a very little time to actually read it once the baby is born.  I am fas-ci-na-ted by everything there is to know/learn about a newborn.  Do you know how many colors their poop can be??  In all honesty I am loving reading about it though.  I've read What to Expect When You're Expecting multiple times already.  I kept reading a few months ahead and now I re-read my current month/week when it comes around.  I just really love knowing what's going on but more so what's to come. 

Lately there has been a lot of the following:

  • sore ribs - little Baby Bloom keeps his tootsies pressed firmly against my rib cage.  In the same spot
  • general aches and pains - I still refuse to give up my high heels which I'm sure is part of the back pain culprit but honestly it's just uncomfortable to carry so much weight up front. 
  • nesting - I spent the entire day yesterday (my day off) cleaning and organizing.  I scoured grout til it was pearly white, washed and scrubbed every single wall and bought a mother load of cleaning supplies.
  • movement - I can tell my little man is getting so big.  His every movement can be felt all over, plus for the most part I can tell his exact position.  My favorite is when he's facing the back and his little butt is right in the middle of my tummy, pushing it way way out.
  • swelling - DJ came home yesterday after I had gone nonstop since I woke up and asked me what was wrong with my feet.  Ha.  They were so swollen they looked deformed.  Super sexy.
  • leakage - yes colostrum has made an appearance.
I'm still feeling really good for the most part.  I way over did it yesterday with all the cleaning which left me feeling a little crummy, but other than that I am still feeling well enough to keep up on prenatal workouts, walking the dogs and light cleaning.  One thing I have really started slacking on is cooking.  I have always been the one to prepare our dinner and make DJ's lunches, but I just can't pick up the slack right now.  Sorry husband, but thank you very much for bringing me all my meals and beverages nowadays.


Holly said...

yes isnt the colostrum weird?! i was like, um, this is YELLOW. and the swollen feet, i hear ya, my shoes def feel a bit tighter these days.

i cant wait to start filling up my baby's closet with outfits!!

Stesha said...

such cute little onesies!!!


Laura said...

It's so weird!! It totally caught me off guard lol!

Laura said...

Agreed! I can't even pick a favorite! ;)