Tuesday, June 5, 2012

weekend inventory

We wore our lazy pants this weekend and did almost nothing.  I had zero motivation to speak of and DJ hurt his back again but still refuses to go to the doctor.  I can not shake this cold/allergies/clogged ears/sinus congestion/fever issue.  Blah.

Friday night we finished watching the mini series Hatfields & McCoys.  It was good!  Saturday after we both got out of work we watched little sister Natalow at her roller derby bout at Buhr Park in Ann Arbor.  She is such a little doll.  Afterwards we went home, made pizza and watched the Stanley Cup Finals.  While I layed on the couch the baby was punching, kicking and doing somersaults all across my stomach.  It was so crazy to see how much he was moving around.  DJ and I both kept trying to record it with our cameras and as soon as we would turn it on, he would stop moving.  As soon as we would stop recording, he would start right back up.  Such a little stinker.  Now we're just stuck with a ton of videos of my boring old stomach.  Sunday we woke up very late, cleaned a little and then went to get our grocery shop on.  That was it for the whole weekend!  Nothing else happened!

Blooms/Oh I injured my toe this weekend too/my newest craving
 I took some time off starting on Thursday and I swear I am going to finish emptying that soon-to-be nursery.  Hope your weekend was far more exciting than mine, but sometimes you just need to do nothing.

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