Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(wear) maternity

As my waist continues to expand my wardrobe gets more and more creative.  I am really grossed out by the selections in the tiny maternity area of stores.  I mean two racks does not make a section people it makes a display.  To make matters worse there are never any smalls! 

I have bought a few actual maternity purchases.  A pair of black work pants, a pair of jeans and two enormous bras.  The black work pants are slightly too big and I keep telling myself that soon my bump will have expanded enough to keep them from sliding down so much.  The jeans aren't bad except that they are flare-ish and I haven't worn flared jeans in years.  The bras, oh the bras are a necessary evil. 

With the very limited selections of maternity clothing that I actually like I find myself wearing a lot of leggings and yoga pants, maxi dresses and skirts, and so far my normal shirts are doing the job, albeit increasingly short.  I hope that I can make my current wardrobe last through the next few months.  Elastic waist bands are my friend. 

I did find a few maternity clothes that I will be adding to the wardrobe.  ASOS is kind of the only place that I could find that doesn't want pregnant women to look like they hate fashion.


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Holly said...

ok i bought 3 and 7 and returned both. 3 was just too cheapy in person with no shape and 7 just didnt fit right. size down on both if you decide to give it a go, they were both huge. i did however get 6 in blue and they are great!

Laura said...

Thank you for the tips! That's such a bummer, they look so cute on the site! Where can a girl find some good maternity gear?