Tuesday, May 1, 2012

weekend inventory

A whole-lotta nothing is what we did this weekend.  I dined with my bestie on Friday on a whim and pulled a real pregnancy bone head move.  I was baking a sweet potato (because last week baby was the size of a sweet potato) and if you've ever baked a sweet potato you would know that it takes for-ev-er to cook thoroughly.  I set the timer for 40 minutes and then flipped it and set it for another 40 minutes.  (It was a big sweet potato.)  During the course of that 40 minutes I was texting with my friend and we decided on a whim to go get some Nico and Vali (my favorite) for a late night dinner.  She lives 4 houses down from me so she was at my house before I even had time to get out of my pajamas.  I hopped in the car and we went to dinner.  I got home about an hour and a half later.  The smell of sweet potato was overwhelming.  I FORGOT TO TAKE THE SWEET POTATO OUT AND TURN THE OVEN OFF!  The timer was beeping still, but the sweet potato was luckily not on fire or anything.  In fact it was mostly just mushy.  DJ was at hockey so my poor little babes were stuck with that awful smell and that annoying timer beeping away for an hour!  I felt so bad and immediately thought about how bad it could have ended up.  I blame the baby stealing all of my smarts.

Saturday after a late lunch, we went to go cheer my little sister on in her roller derby bout.  It was super cute and those girls are tough cookies.  It was pretty unclear at the beginning to DJ and I, how exactly roller derby worked, but after a few we got the hang of it.  Natalie's team didn't win, but we had a really good time watching from the front row.  Afterwards DJ and I stayed for the older girls as well.  That was by far much faster and rougher.  We didn't plan on staying all night but it was actually a really fun night.  We were cheering for opposing teams which meant that we had to stay for the entire thing.  The scores change so quick.  DJ's team won in the end, whatever.  We came home after a long day and as soon as I layed down Baby Bloom started to wiggle like crazy.  I can't wait for DJ to be able to feel the baby move. 

Then Sunday we did absolutely nothing besides grocery shop and nap.  DJ made tacos and we filled an entire ketchup size container with all of our fire sauce packets from Taco Bell.  We like it spicy over here and we really like their sauce apparently.  Plus our neighbor's son works there so we make him hook it up when we see him in the drive through.  It can't ever be too spicy people.

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Anonymous said...

Natalie is one tough cookie!! And cute as can be!! xoxo