Wednesday, May 2, 2012

rock n' roll queen

There is nothing I love more than legit gooooooooood style.  Not the chick that follows the latest trends or buys everything off the front rack at Forever 21 with all the tell-tale signs of cheap and tacky.  I'm talking the girl that can walk into Forever 21 and walk out with the item that no one will ever know was bought from that store.  The girl that can spot a forever trend over a here-today-gone-tomorrow trend.

Style requires timeless pieces.  The quintessential little black dress, a pair of jeans that make your ass look fantastic and a chic blazer, among others.  My very favorite item of clothing that never seems to be out of style is the vintage rock n' roll t-shirt.  Quite frankly nothing makes a girl look cooler.

I have lots that I've acquired over the years from various garage sales, thrift stores, vintage shops, estate sales  and lots that I've stolen from my oh so rock n' roll hubby.  He's just the coolest.   Here are some of my favorite new rock n' roll t-shirts out there with a vintage feel and some actual vintage treasures.

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