Monday, March 19, 2012


...or lack-there-of.  For the most part the first trimester was without cravings.  Between feeling dizzy and not having a taste for much of anything, I actually didn't even realize that I was eating something so out of my normal diet.  It was actually DJ who told me how weird it was that I kept using it as a go-to meal.

There it is though, I'm craving corn dogs?!?!  I have ingested a total of maybe 5 corn dogs in my entire life.  If fact, I kind of thought they were gross.  Now, I have found myself buying them at the grocery store and seeking them on every menu of every restaurant we visit.  It's strange, but they are so g-o-o-d, GOOD!

On the other end of the spectrum though, I have had many aversions to food.  It's starting to calm down recently and thankfully.  For example chicken, that I have previously seen uncooked, really grosses me out.  It started off mildly enough and I thought maybe it was just the chicken I was eating at that very moment, but now it had progressed to an uncooked poultry revolt.  If I've ever seen the meat in a raw state I won't come anywhere near the stuff.  Also my usual sweet tooth has all but disappeared.  I've actually had chocolate in my house for a measurable length of time.  So bizarre.

 The start of the second trimester so far seems promising.  I have started to be able to pin point what I'm hungry for, the nausea has settled and I have more energy overall.  The picture above is not a representation of my new found energy.

Someone please share with me your wild pregnancy cravings!

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Anonymous said...

I loved anything oranges/clementines and lemonade! I couldn't stand the smell of onions...they were forbidden in my house until about the third trimester!

Love, Sarah Drury