Wednesday, March 14, 2012

baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh!

Knocked up, preggo, bun in the oven...anyway you slice it I'm pregnant!  Baby Bloom is on the way you guys!  We could not be happier over here.  That little bird is growing bigger everyday and it feels like the most wonderful time of my entire life.  I have never been more filled with love than at this very point.  I want to talk about nothing but that sweetness inside of me.  Keeping it a secret has probably been the hardest secret to keep.  Ever.

That right there is our little bird's first picture.  Monday was our first doctors appointment and DJ and I sat holding hands while the doctor took measurements.  We waited eagerly for the doctor to turn the screen around so that we could see OUR baby for the first time and when he finally did I nearly sobbed at seeing the tiniest heart fluttering away.  We made a baby! 

Our due date is October 9th, 2012.  That's right, our wedding anniversary is also our baby's due date!  Could it be anymore meant to be?  At our doctors appointment on Monday the doctor actually said that we are a week ahead of what we originally thought so Baby Bloom will probably come a lot earlier than October 9th, but since that day was so special to us he said that he wouldn't change our due date :)

Get here soon little bird!  We already love you so much!


Marianne said...

nothing but smiles over here in Texas for our favorite red head & her man!! :D

Laura said...

Now it's your turn Worlows!