Thursday, December 22, 2011


Why is it that when you have one thing to do, a million other things pop up? The Saturday before last was one of those days for husband and I. We started our marathon of par-tays at Natalopalooza's 10th birthday party. Let me just say that I can not believe that my little sister-in-law is already ten years old! Truly she is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady. Second stop was my work Christmas party, which was tough to leave early from because I have such a lovely group of coworkers that I get the pleasure to see everyday that seeing them socially is an even better treat. However we had to hustle downtown to the Red Wing's game for our third stop, to see them win 7-1 over the Winnepeg Jets. The last stop of the night was at the bar for a good friends 40th birthday party. Live music and 40oz beers was the only way to end a busy night.

Natalie is officially 1 decade old!
Go Wings!
40oz to freedom
40oz Colorado Kool-Aids

Sunday was spent with couch cuddles until hubs had a hockey game (they won). After hockey we made Sunday dinner together. These Bloomingburgs make a mean batch of tacos.

couch cuddle master

This weekend was far more tame.  A single party on Friday night at my bestie's house, just a quick four houses down the way.  Saturday and Sunday were slow going and I didn't even so much as get out of my pajamas.  I plan to spend this coming weekend in a similar fashion.  Husband has a few hockey games on Thursday and Friday which are always followed with drinks and good music at our favorite dive bar, Michnos.  Then my boo and I are heading out of town.  This will likely be our last Christmas that will be shared by just us two and we are going to take full advantage of it.  I can't wait to spend lots of alone time with my lover.  It's the quiet weekends that make me the happiest.

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