Wednesday, December 21, 2011

all juiced up

In my lifetime I have tried just about every fad cleanse or detox under the sun.  Sometimes they make me feel good and other times they make me want to kick DJ (or whoever else gets in my way) in the face. 

Last week while reading The Daily Julie, I was introduced to The 3-Day Cleanse.  I was pretty much sold the minute I saw the word "cleanse".  To boot, it's a juice cleanse, giving me a small orgasm over the fact that I get to use my awesome juicer.

I went out and bought the book and read all weekend to see what the cleanse is all about.  On Wednesday night DJ and I hit the grocery store and came home to juice all night.  Fruits, veggies and nuts covered my kitchen island and Bo hid in the bedroom because he hates loud noises.

Thursday was the first day of all juice and I was so full all day I couldn't even drink all the juice!  Day 1 was ultimately a success.  On Friday, Day 2, I felt a little tingly.  I know that sounds weird, but my body was buzzing all day.  It wasn't  a bad feeling and I still wasn't hungry, but I did feel a little loopy. 

Luckily Day 3, was Saturday and I had the day off.  I didn't have to juice anything the night before so the juice was super duper fresh tasting which made it that much more enjoyable.

Overall, I loved this cleanse.  It actually made me feel clean.  My skin without make up was actually glowing all day yesterday.  I thought I would struggle with no solid foods for 3 days but instead I felt full.  It even continued throughout Sunday.  I woke up and made a banana, vanilla, cinnamon juice (I actually felt like this was more of a smoothie because of it's thicker consistency).  I wasn't feeling so ravenous that I HAD to make a big huge meal or anything, instead I was craving more juice.  I craved it so much that I juiced more to sip on through out the day!  I also have been juicing for this whole week.  If you are what you eat then I am turning into the produce section of Kroger.

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