Monday, November 7, 2011

monday morsels

Blah blah , it's the start of another work week so let me tell you about our peaks and valleys over the past few weeks.

* Meeting Casey from Alpha Rev! A few Saturdays back, David James and I hit up Goodnight Gracie's in Royal Oak for an Austin, Texas based band on the recommendation of my favorite Austin couple, the Worlow's. Check out their website and listen to some GOOD music!
* Cider slush. Need I say more?
* My husband knows me too well and when I asked him to get me some Nutella, he didn't bring me back the whimpy, small container and got me the big daddy size. Awww.
* The Drive Soundtrack rocking my workouts right now.
* Halloween candy.
* Getting to see my lovely life long friends Megan and Rachel for Megan's baby shower.  
* Instagram. Words With Friends.  Hanging With Friends. I'm obsessed.  Really any app that I was jealous   of pre-IPad.
* Starbucks salted caramel mocha
* Having an awesome woman come over and give the ladies and I facials on a Sunday afternoon.
* The new show Once Upon a Time! Eeek, I love a good fairy tale.
* Boots and tights weather.
* It being perfectly acceptable to start putting up Christmas decorations now that it's November!
{Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs // Sweater: Vintage // Dress: Pitaya // Tights: Vera Wang // Belt: Express // Purse: Express // Boots: Vintage}
{ Shirt: Vintage Levis // Jeans: Levis // Shoes:  Vans }

* Working the first half of a few Saturdays in a row. Boo hoo!
* Halloween candy ruining my diet.
* DJ and I coming down with the sickness.  Cough, cough, whine, whine.
* Our washing machine breaking.  This was clearly my karma for letting the laundry get out of control.
* Telling DJ that I have never watched Star Wars and now being forced to watch all six.
* Working on the lawn and raking never ending amounts of leaves.

Raking leaves all day makes me thirsty.

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