Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day lazy

Well did you notice? It's officially Ginger Bloom and don't you love it? Thanks to my awesome and amazing dear friend Marianne, who has not one but two of the best blogs, took over this here blog and made it look so fricken awesome!  She's the best.

I took a little snoozer from blogging.  One, because I felt like it.  Two, because I was feeling a little bit crummy.  And, three, because it was my birthday week/month and dang it, I had more important things to do.  (like eat cake and ice cream while drinking champagne)

This week though, I'm starting off with the end of summer.  Did you want to cry yourself back to sleep when you woke up yesterday morning to the freezing cold temps? (freezing = 55-60 degrees)  I did.  I wept loudly as I walked from our bedroom to our hall closet and grabbed a hoodie and then wept even louder as I walked into the guest room and grabbed an extra comforter and then sulked back into our bed proclaiming my hatred for all you fall weather wishers out there.  I mean I love the fall too, but summer is never long enough and fall only leads to snow and the dreaded winter.

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer, but it truly seemed like the ACTUAL end to the warm weather season.  Saturday was nice and warm, hot in fact.  DJ and I went to downtown Royal Oak for Arts, Beats and Eats and sweated ourselves to death.  I enjoyed the beats very much, not so much the arts and the eats were okay.  Well let me take that back, the eats at Comet Burger were ah-ma-zing, and so was the frozen banana dipped in chocolate and nuts (that I did not get a picture of because of a combination of eating it asap and the torrential downpour that ensued about 10 seconds after I got it)

The aforementioned downpour led to The Bloomingburg household being without power.  Our neighborhood is old and the power lines are as well apparently.  I swear if the wind blows above a small breeze our power gets knocked out, so after the craziness of Saturday's storm we pulled in to our drive way to discover no power.  Thankfully the in-laws were out of town and we were able to go get their generator and use it to power the very essentials. (tv, cable, dvd player and the fridge)  In these types of situations a lilly pad is necessary.  What is lilly pad you ask?  A lilly pad is when you drag out a mattress and lay it in the middle of your living room and basically be vegetables.  You lay on the lilly pad, eat on the lilly pad, watch tv on the lilly pad, make love on the lilly pad (too much?).  I love when we do this.  It reminds me of when we first moved in together.  It was a rainy Friday and I had been working all day and was not a happy camper about also having to move all night/weekend.  We moved for hours, my legs were sore and bruised and it started to get dark.  We had this insanely large, older style flat screen that weighed a ton and I tried my darnedest to help move it, but it just tore up my fingers and left giant welts on my thighs.  It had to be moved in that day because our cable had to be installed that day or we were going to have to wait until the following week.  We lived on the second floor in an apartment complex that had private entrances and luckily a neighbor saw us struggling and offered to help.  After lots of effort and muscle the gigantic tv was moved in.  We had hardly any other furniture moved in and there was no way we were going to be able to get the couch or anything else in that night, so we plopped the mattress in the middle of the living room in front of our enormous tv, ordered pizza and rubbed our sore muscles.  It was nothing fancy, in fact the exact opposite, and I loved every minute of it.  I live for moments like these that make the best memories after the fact.

I hope your weekend was full of memory making moments.

"It's one of life's bitterest truths that bedtime so often arrives just when things are really getting interesting." Lemony Snicket


Marianne said...

YEAH!! okay now I wanna see your home decor & some wardrobe shots. My order is placed. love~ your ATX luva ;)

Kristin said...

loooove your new blog design!

Laura said...

Thanks! ME TOO! Mrs. Worlow hooked it up ;)