Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Skinny Bitch

With chapter titles as blunt as "Sugar is the Devil" and "The Dead, Rotting, Decomposing Flesh Diet" the authors of "The Skinny Bitch" Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, by no means mince words about the reasons behind an organic vegan diet.  The two have a sharp tongue when it comes to telling you why your current diet is anything but good for you.  The book reads like a conversation you might have with a good girlfriend, not afraid to tell you what you don't want to hear.

I first read this about four or five years ago after I had seen it in the hands of Victoria Beckham.  I think she is incredibly beautiful and figured if it was good enough for her it was good enough for me.  I was completely obsessed instantly.  Freedman and Barnouin are hilarious and get straight to the point.  I found myself being excited to come home and read as much about being a more healthful person as possible.  I followed the diet to perfection for about three months.  I lost weight and I felt better.  I cut out soda, dairy and meat.  It sounds extreme but when the health benefits are explained you can't help but be fascinated.

After three months though I slowly became less encouraged and missed eating some foods.  The problem is that buying organic can get expensive and especially difficult when your significant other does not abide by an organic vegan diet in any way, shape or form.  I was going it alone and it was hard to stick with when I was solo.  However, in the past few months a friend of mine finally read "The Skinny Bitch" and was inspired enough to start following a vegetarian diet and mostly cut out dairy as well.  She looks incredible and has been greatly disciplined.  I've decided to re-read the book and also buy "Skinny Bitch In The Kitch" which is full of great recipes for living an organic vegan lifestyle.  Beyond these two books they also have "Skinny Bitchin", a self-help style book in the same vain as the original, "Skinny Bitch Bun In The Oven" and "Skinny Bastard" for the man in your life.

I won't make any guarantees but at the moment I'm super inspired and if at a minimum I stop drinking soda again I will consider it a victory!

"You cannot keep eating the same shit and expect to get skinny" - The Skinny Bitch

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marianne worlow photography said...

you go girl!.. wish you were here because the farmers market is sick. We are eatin' good [organic too] and for little $!! I have something in-store for my blog soon too.. you just may dig it! ;)
missing my lady love.