Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten Images of Inspiration - Summer

I feel like everyone around me is saying that summer is ending and that they can't wait for fall.  Come on now people, fall means winter is right around the corner.  Why would anyone be excited for this beautiful sunshine and heat to come to an end?  I am definatly not looking forward to saying goodbye to my bikinis and flip flops for another year and having to say hello to below freezing temperatures, ice, snow, slush, yuck, yuck, yuck. 

On that note I have collected 10 photographs that inspire all things summer for me.  I want to hold onto this season for as long as mother nature will allow me to.

So take that all you cold weather wishers, I love me some sunshine!


kristinkey said...

oh man, i'm right there with you! absolutely dreading winter and not ready to give up my pool time :)

Laura said...

well I'm glad someone is routing on the warm weather with me!