Thursday, February 28, 2013

you give me (cabin) fever

By this time every year I am itching for warmer days.  It's just too grey and too cold.  I feel trapped in my little house.  The walls feel like they are closing in on me.  I try to power through but you just can't enjoy a long stroll when your teeth are chattering and your knees are knocking together.  Those sounds are just not calming in the least.  It feels like winter is a never ending season of heavy wet snow turned to snirt (snow/dirt) followed by slush and then mud.  I long for the mud though.  Mud means that spring is in the horizon.  Oh hurry spring.  Please hurry.  I can barely find the motivation to walk from my car to the grocery store doors these days.  How am I supposed to keep my motivation going to work out?  If I can't even stand the cold long enough to fill my gas tank how on earth am I expected to put on running shoes and lycra?  I can't get a solid stride in with snow pants on.  Speaking of gas station fill ups, why do some not allow you to lock the handle so that you can quickly retreat back to your warm SUV whilst the tank guzzles away.  Note to gas station owners:  it takes about $80 to fill my tank and that takes a long time, so if I have to wait it out with my freezing cold digits wrapped around a handle, I will give up and just say eff it at a half tank.  

I don't know you guys.  I'm just not feeling the love for winter.  Tanning just is not a sufficient substitute anymore either.  My soul is craving the real deal.  Real warmth and uv rays, vitamin D in it's truest of forms.  Where is that global warming I've heard so much about?

I can handle the laziest of days here and there, but this mini man of mine is not into just lazing about anymore.  He wants to move and bounce and dance and "fly".  There is only so much entertainment in one little house.  Let's do this summer.  I'm ready.  I'm easy to please though.  I'll even take spring.  Come onnnn!   


jamiedawn said...

best blogpost title of my entire life. so ready for summer. AND THE LONGEST YARDSALE!!!

Laura said...

Yes!!!! I'm super excited for both of those things! Eff this snow biz-nass anymore! BTW I keep meaning to tell you that the giant black floppy winter hat is from H & M, but hopefully winters over by like tomorrow morning and we won't have to wear winter hats again til next winter ;)

k8te said...

i can't wait for spring either... it's starting to be light out when i get out of work...exciting stuff.

oh, and those leg warmers? cutest hank ever!

danielle said...

My dear, I think I hear Texas calling your name... just a thought! ;)

And, totally agree with K8te, those lil leg warmers are just adorable!