Wednesday, January 16, 2013

weekend inventory

Excuse  my late posting but with a sick little boo boo at home, me time is few and far between.

Friday DJ had to take Hank to the doctor.  He has a double ear infection.  My poor babe.  Starting on Tuesday night Hank was very restless at night.  He woke up at about 2am and kept rubbing his face super hard.  Sometimes he does this when he's tired, like we all do.  I pulled him in bed next to me and tried to tuck his little arms in his blanket to keep him from bringing them up.  This always works like a charm.  Not that night though.  He was restless all night and it totally threw me off.  He still slept through the night but I got almost no sleep just listening to him wrestle around.  Wednesday night I noticed he kept rubbing his face on my shoulder.  Hard.  I made the dumb mistake of Googling what it could possibly mean and the only thing that people were saying was that it could be a possible allergy to dairy.  I freaked and read it to DJ and he told me to calm my frazzled pants down and call the doctor in the morning.  Wednesday night was a repeat of Tuesday night, except that at about 5am Henry was full on awake.  DJ got up with him because I was once again on about 2 hours of sleep after being awakened at his every face rub.  DJ fed him a few ounces and he slept on DJ's chest until I woke up for work.  I called the doctor and she said that she didn't think that I needed to worry that it was an allergy (and to stop using Google) but that he could have a cold, an ear infection or possibly just teething.  She said I could bring him in that day or wait 24 hours and see if anything changes.  I made an appointment for the next day since Henry was still his super happy self and I had no other indication that he was not feeling well.  (I'm a psycho with the thermometer so I knew he didn't have a temperature).  At the doctor, they discovered he did in fact have fluid in his ears.  He is also majorly teething and might even have his two bottom teeth by the end of the month!  The pediatrician (who is awesome and reminds me of Glenda the Good Witch of the North) prescribed some antibiotics and said that it was a very good thing that we brought him in, because over the weekend he will probably have been in an awful lot of pain.

Saturday I worked in the morning and afterwards we decided to get out of the house, get some fresh air and enjoy some of the unseasonable warm Michigan weather.  It was really beautiful out and downtown plymouth was hopping.  Everyone was out walking around.  After a walk we laid around and I took a nap with Hank.  Sick Hank just really wants to cuddle and lay his ear on mine or DJ's chest.  I was meeting with my friends for a wedding planning party that evening and left Hank a little bit crabby with DJ.  Within probably the first hour that I was over at my friends house, DJ called and I could just hear my baby crying in the back.  My heart broke and I had to leave.  Not without first getting some excellent advice from my friend's sister.  A super mom, if you will.  She told me to give him a little infant tylenol to ease his pain and use sweet oil to massage around his ears.  I swear I could see his sad little face change within minutes.  It was like he was saying, "Thanks mom!"
Sunday I got up early with Hank and cleaned.  He fell asleep mid-laugh I swear.  I was done cleaning, showered and dressed before 8am.  I let DJ sleep in before making stuffed french toast and then we headed to the ice arena where the Detroit Red Wings were practicing. 

We love hockey in this household and are so happy once again.  Hank slept through the whole thing, but he's allowed.  After watching hockey, DJ left to play hockey and my friends came over for a little hang out. 
A no make-up, indian pale ale, girl talk kind of night.  Plus my bff brought me a cupcake that I still can't stop thinking about.  All in all a good weekend. even with a sick Henry.

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