Thursday, December 13, 2012

my clan, my tribe, my family

Yesterday was a good day.  Not only was husband home all day with Hank and I,  but we got two special deliveries in the mail.  One was from my Aunt V & Uncle D in Tennessee and the other was our family photos that my dear friend and Hank's BFFs mommy, Marianne took while she was here visiting from Texas!  I practically leaped at the mail man to grab everything out of his hands.  So here for your viewing pleasure are some of the amazing photos Marianne took of my little tribe & I.

This isn't even half of the stunning photos she took.  I hope you can see the love that my family is wrapped in, because that is exactly what I see.  Happy weekending, I'm going on a date tonight with that sexy hubby of mine and I have the biggest smile ever!


Lindsay said...

beautiful photos! what a cute little family.

jamiedawn said...

Perfect. All of them.