Friday, December 21, 2012

just like martha stewart

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I fancy myself a tattooed Martha Stewart.  I LOVE a good art project and crafting.  Now that I have a kid, I know the crafting up in here is about to get heavy.  I'm slightly less of a perfectionist (ok way less) than Ms. Martha, but I still can eff up some puffy paint projects.

For Christmas my Aunt V sent Hank, DJ and I one of those awesome make-your-own baby print ornament.  I made one for DJ probably 4 years ago with Bella's paw print so I was very happy to now be able to make a Hank print ornament AND a Bowie print ornament!  However, Hank said he also wanted to make some for all his grandparents.  Shhhh, don't tell him I told.  Being the best mommy in the world that I am, I turned on some music and made some salt dough and here's how.

Somethings I would like to note; 1. You may have to add a little more water if your dough is too dry or more flour if your dough is too sticky.  2. I used foil with a little flour sprinkled on it to make it less likely for the ornaments to stick.  3. I had to bake mine for almost five hours, but I made six ornaments with this recipe and they were pretty thick.  4. Remember to poke a hole in the ornament somewhere to stick a ribbon into for hanging, before placing in the oven.  You don't want to forget and have to pull them out of the oven piping hot to try and do it, ahem.
Hank and I finished them off with some bronze glitter spray paint and signed the back with love, in green puffy paint.  Trial and error would tell me to recommend that you use something other than glitter spray paint on your own.  I'll show you the finished product after xmas.  Gotta keep a little mystery. ;)

Happy weekend to ya, first day of winter and first snow for us Michiganders! Only 4 days until Christmas!

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jamiedawn said...

those look awesome!! tattooed martha stewart i love that!